Finding a good attorney


Choosing the right criminal defense attorney can be overwhelming especially when you do not know the specific factors to consider. It is very wise to hire a criminal defense lawyer to defend you against the charges you are facing in the court of law. Early employment of a criminal attorney can increase your probability of winning the case you are facing. Most people prefer hiring a long term lawyer like attorney Rick Hutchinson to defend them whenever cases arise. The following are tips on how to hire the best criminal defense attorney.


One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a criminal defense attorney is an experience. Obviously, an experienced criminal defense attorney can do a lot of things that an amateur may not do. Therefore, before you hire a criminal defense lawyer try as much as possible to check his or her work experience. If at all you are faced with some given charges, you must ensure that the lawyer that you hire is experienced in the similar charges. Avoid gambling with your freedom by hiring a lawyer who is not experienced.

Success ratio

2A good lawyer is measured by the number of cases he or she has helped their clients to win. Their success ratio will be your basis of comparison. Therefore, make sure you find that you research on the lawyer’s success ratio. The number of cases handled should demonstrate the number of those won and those that he or she has lost. You can always calculate the success ratio using the number of cases he or she has won and those that they have lost.


The attorney should be a citizen of that particular state. This will ensure that he or she is conversant with the laws of the country. The lawyer must be licensed to carry his services by the legal requirement of a given state.

Cost of services

Different lawyers have varying quotations. For instance, the cost of hiring a private defense attorney varies from those of public defenders. The experience and the nature of the charges will also determine the cost of services. And above all make sure you hire an experienced lawyer despite the cost of services.


A good lawyer should have a good reputation. The reputation is basically reflected in the referrals, recommendations, and reviews that are posted on the official website of the criminal defense lawyer. Therefore, the lawyer’s reputation is a must. They should have a credible and reliable track-record. Some of the lawyers are known to handle specific case profiles. You can discover their ability by checking the reviews from the previous clients. Your research on the reviews, publications, and testimonials will help you t make an informed decision.

Public defender and private attorney

3You should be able to determine whether the lawyer is a public defender or a private lawyer. In some cases, a person can be given a court-appointed lawyer or even a public defender. Although the public defenders are relatively experienced on various types of cases, they will always vary from the private counterparts. In fact, a private attorney will be specialized in a given niche while a public defender may have a lot more experience in different cases.…