For the recent past, workplace violence has been on the increase. In fact, places that were bastions of safety such as college campuses and cultural institutions are now hotbeds of violence. Every business owner must take the threat of violence or burglary seriously. According to, one of the logical places to get help from is private security companies. Other than providing on-site security, a lot of people offer training and awareness sessions to help businesses reduce their risk. The following are top reasons you should have private security at the workplace.

Why you need private security services

Employee and client safety

g3efcv6ywedf7u2j8ei2o2It is estimated that over two million people have to contend with workplace violence every year. Several factors cause this; time of day, working in the isolated area, employment position, and hiring unstable workers. You can alleviate most of these factors by hiring a private protection and security company. Other than protecting your employees, clients and customers will be protected too.

Thwarting crime

It is true that criminals look for easy targets. For instance, people who are isolated or elderly and women are considered easy targets. In fact, experienced criminals are known to choose victims. They want to know how they can manipulate a person. In a business environment, surveillance camera and security guards can act as a deterrent.


A private security company has tech know-how to install non-human deterrents such as security cameras. In fact, these security features are more prevalent in organizations and businesses, which you will not consider as risky environments.

You should note that nearly every type of business is likely to benefit from such technologies. A lot of workplace violence prevention starts with defining risks of the workplace violence. Security guards, security training, and security cameras are part of this process.

Offering help

t2gvefv6hedfc8f2i2Whenever workplace violence occurs, there is a wait time between incidence and arrival of help. Although they can call the police to help in defusing the situation, your private security guards can be of great help. This is because most of the private security guards are former military personnel and police officers. Whereas you will have to wait for more than 20 minutes for police to arrive, your private security guards are right there. Thus, fast response time can save lives.

Modern defense

Threats such as active shooters or terrorism are in fact part of every business landscape. Fortunately, a reputable private security company will offer more than just guarding the gate.