If you know a thing or two about natural living, you are probably familiar with essential oils and how they can improve our overall well-being. These highly concentrated non-water phytochemicals come distilled from a variety of plant parts, including flowers, roots, leaves, and are known for their potency, which is primarily a result of the high concentration of phytochemicals.

While these plants and herbs have been used for thousands of years, it was only within the last couple of decades that the modern society finally realized the benefits of essential oils. These days, we have a plethora of companies, such as the eoquest, which specialize in producing high-quality essential oils. In addition to having a plethora of companies to choose from, we also have a wide variety of oils to choose from as well. Throughout this article, we will mention some of the most popular ones and cover them in greater detail.


33gkhjkghrhiMany will say that peppermint can stimulate and purify the mind. Additionally, it can also increase our mental alertness too. According to the latest studies, inhaling peppermint can enhance our mental accuracy by almost 30%. It is also worth mentioning that peppermint oil is one of the very few that can be taken internally, which is excellent for ingestion.


Many of us know chamomile to be a main tea ingredient. However, it can also be used in the form of an essential oil too. Chamomile is well known for its relaxing and stress-relieving properties, which is why many people prefer a cup of chamomile tea before going to bed.


These bright-orange flowers are perhaps better known as marigolds. Aside from being used as an essential oil, this flower can be used in a variety of other forms too. Calendula is highly beneficial for sensitive skin and is one of the best natural remedies for treating acne scars. Many people also use it to soothe psoriasis as well.


Oregano oil is best known as a highly potent flu remedy. This essential oil is well known for its potent antibacterial properties, which is why many have come to view it as an effective remedy for cold and other health conditions. When taken topically, many people find its taste a bit off-putting. However, despite that, oregano oil is still among the most popular natural remedies for flu these days.


22hogoriuiouoAlthough not as popular as some other essential oils, frankincense is considered by many to be a must-have for any home environment. Many people prefer to use it in baths, for relaxation, and to treat bug bites and minor cuts. This oil has been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years, mainly to enhance spiritual awareness, boost immunity, and combat inflammations.


This one is definitely among the most popular these days. Lemon oil is not only well known as a potent detoxifier but also as a reliable means for acne treatment too. Also, if you want to increase your alertness levels, you should mix some lemon oil with a carrier. Due to its uplifting qualities, lemon oil is widely used for improving concentration and focus. As an bonus, it can also be used to keep fleas off of your pet as well.